{Repurposed: Wood Soda Crate}

In last week's 'Repurposed' post I showed you a soda crate used as a caramel corn holder for a dessert table ~ well for this week's 'Repurposed' post I figure why not show you another way to use a wood soda crate at a wedding!  Fun, no?  Yet, I am sure I will be showing you lots of other ways to use them as time goes on ;-)

So today it's all about repurposing the wood soda crate to be used for an escort area at a wedding.  Have a look-see at this darling escort area...
Tuesday Thought Vintage Rentals
Here the bottom of a soda crate is being used to hold key chains and names for seating.  And while I know this is just one crate, a handful of them would sure look fabulous all lined up! 

And how darling is the idea of key chains as escorts?  I love that each key chain represents a different table...so find your name, and your destination. L-O-V-E it!  Here are a couple more closeups for you...
Tuesday Thought Vintage Rentals
Tuesday Thought Vintage Rentals
It looks like simple, small, gold screw in hooks (something like these) were used to hang the key chains from...however, small nails and pushpins would work just as well.  And just think of all the options of things you could hang or pin...like keys!  Oh, you bet your buttons I am loving the creativity here!

xoxo to the moon and back
~ K

...photography by jen huang via style me pretty

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  1. I love old crates.... it's amazing how things we so took for granted as kids are the things we hanker for now... I mean tell my 8 yr old self I'd be paying silly money for old milk bottles!! Crazy town!


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