{Repurposed: Wood Soda Crate}

Happy Thursday my dears!  Goodness, I can't even believe that it is Thursday today.  Where in the world did the week go?  And to think that this weekend is Memorial Day ~ aye, aye, aye!!!

Anyhoo, before I get ahead of myself, again, about the weekend...I wanted to share this super duper easy and cute way to display caramel corn (or popcorn or a variety of other treats)...
Homemade Vintage Rentals
Cute, no?  Oh, me likey A LOT!  I am always over the moon about repurposing things ;-)  And all you need for this project is a wood soda crate and some homemade cone holders (just roll some parchment or paper to form a cone and glue or tape to secure) ~ that's all it takes to get this fun, festive vintage caramel corn holder.  However, I think you can put just about anything in those cones and it would be fabulous!

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ K

...photography by the nichols via style me pretty

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