{Vintage Inspired: Cake}

Don't you just love when you find that perfect vintage inspiration?  Oh, I know I do!  And I found it on these two sweet cakes.  The ruffle detail on both adds such a sweet vintage touch.  And the simple styling is just perfection.  I can't decide which ruffle I like more ~  this fabulous blue one...
Or this pretty pink one...
Hmmm ~ I am thinking the blue one is my fave!  I just adore that ruffle.  Yes, now that I look at it again ~ definitely the blue.  How about you...which one is your fave?

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ K

...photography by pobke photography via style me pretty


  1. i used to LOVE the pink one but now Def the blue one!! this is totally over the moon!!!!!

  2. BLUE!! these cakes are so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  3. Very touch decision... I'd take either.. but the blue has the slight edge! YUM!


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