{Homemade: Framed Button Heart}

Happy Homemade Thursday my dears!  I wanted to share a quick homemade project that I thought is cute and simple to do.  Also, it gives you a reason to pick up some smaller picture frames too ;-)

Anyhoo, have a look-see at this darling little detail ~ a button framed heart...
A cute decor idea, no?  And don't you just love that it's hanging from ribbon?  Such a fab idea as well.

To make these all you would need is a frame, burlap, buttons and a glue gun!  I would get the burlap in place in the frame first (you could always use some spray adhesive to make sure it lays flat and stays in place).  Then I would lay out the buttons to form the heart to make sure size and spacing are right, and then I would just glue them in place.   Easy peasy ;-)

Styling Tip:  I think using your last name initial would be cute too.  However, you could also use these small frames on the tables.  Instead of making a heart, write out the table number using buttons.  And if your frame is slightly larger I would use them as chairback decor and spell out bride and groom with the buttons!  Ahhh so many ways to use...

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ k

...photography by pobke via style me pretty


  1. kristi!!!! this is beyond adorable!!! i love it so much!!!!

  2. Very cute and creative!! Although I would like it even more if I thought I had any sort of chance of finding mini frames like that here!


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