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Good morning loves!  So tell me ~ how was your weekend?  Mine was lovely ~ productive and fun.  And I told you on Friday that I would be attempting to uncover some fabulous finds ~ well I certainly WASN'T looking for this...
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...but it was so fabulous I just HAD to get it ;-).  Plus, it was the best bargain EVER!  I mean how fabulous is that curved foot board?  Eeks ~ I love it!  And while you can see some of it's detail pieces are broken or missing in the pictures (on each panel of the headboard in the center....noticeable in the 1st and 3rd picture a bit), I was lucky enough to get all of the broken and missing pieces.  Really, I can't believe that the lady took the time to keep them, put them in an envelope and give them to me when I purchased the bed.

The only other things wrong with the bed is it is missing a wheel on the foot board, and it has a bit of a crack on one leg on the headboard ~ but these things are easily fixed.  I can't wait to give it some TLC...which is all it really needs.  And let me to you my dears ~ I have bunches of TLC to give ;-)

Also on Friday I told you I dream of white linens ~ can you imagine this bed with white linens and lots of pillows...perfectly dreamy, no?  And perfect for a boudoir session!

xoxo to the moon and back
~ k

...photography by over the moon vintage rentals

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  1. after a little TLC that bed is going to look phenomenal...perfect for a boudoir shoot.


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