{Star of the Week: Mint Crates}

I am excited that today is Tuesday!  Why do you ask?  Well, my cousin and her hubby leave for New York early this morning ~ which means I get to puppy sit Gus!  There is just something about a puppy that is so fabulous, no?  I just might have to share a picture of him and all his adorableness.  Oh, and I hear he is a good cuddler too!

Anyhoo, enough puppy talk and on to the 'Star of the Week' this week ~ mint crates!  I have two of these lovelies, as you can see...
And while they are very similar on the outside, they are different on the inside.  However, they are the most perfect shade of mint green EVER!  Yet, I do have to tell you that these crates are solid and quite heavy.  I was surprised at how heavy they were when I had to lug them all the way to the car.

Goodness, there are so many ways to use and style these pretties, that I don't even know where to start...as I have bunches of ideas swirling around in my head!  And I am sure you too could think of a handful of ways in which to use as well.  And because they are so versatile and such a fabulous color ~ they were an easy pick for the 'Star of the Week' this week.

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ k

...photography by over the moon vintage rentals


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