{Star of the Week: White Soda Crate}

Happy Friday loves!  I am tickled that it is finally Friday, as my Great Aunt Millie (who is 86) and I plan to go see a matinee today ~ Midnight in Paris ;-)  It's been quite a while since the last time we went to the movies...granted every Wednesday night is still girls night, but we haven't gone to the movies in too long!

Believe it or not I have a point here with all this movie talk ~  a couple of weeks ago I did a post about using a soda crate as a popcorn holder...see where I am going with this?  Yes, I plan on getting popcorn at the movies, which of course made me think of this crate...which in turn is why it's my 'Star of the Week'.  Whew, you still following me?  Eeks, I hope so ;-)  Anyway, have a look-see at my lovely white soda crate...
There are SO many ways, beyond a popcorn holder, in which you can use this crate.  I adore it standing up and used as a cubby, and even flipped with its bottom up (hehe) and used as a cake stand!  And I just have to tell you that the crate is perfect...not slanted like it looks in the picture ~ it's the ground that has a slight slope here ;-)

Styling Tip:  You could also use this crate to hold cocktails!  Just fit your glass in a square and have your servers serve them up! 

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!  See you back here on Monday...hopefully with some new finds that I can share with you.

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ k

...photography by over the moon vintage rentals

1 comment:

  1. Great idea using the crate as a cocktail tray.

    Hope you have a great time w/ your Aunt Millie!!


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