{Star of the Week: Oil Lamps}

Well my 'Star of the Week' choice was a no brainer for me this week!  Why, you ask?  Well, all week long on my wedding blog, Luna and Chloe Weddings, I am recreating a table design using these lovelies...
Star of the Week
So please pop on over to Luna and Chloe Weddings everyday this week to see the recreation process and just how lovely these look on a table!  The finished table will be posted on Friday...so at the very least check back then to see them in action ;-)

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ k

...photography by over the moon vintage rentals


  1. I have like 20 of these!!! I am over the moon for them too :)!

  2. Such fabulous finds! Will definitely be following over at Luna & Chloe for the finished table!

  3. I absolutely love these. I inherited a pair of oil lamps from my grandmother a few years ago and they are my favorite items in my home.


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