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I am sorry my dears for getting this post up soooo late!  Eeks.  I'm also sorry for the bad picture that I took on my iphone to send to my mom so she could see what I was talking about when I was on the phone with her...and never had any intention of sharing this picture with all you.  I will take another later this afternoon when I get back home, and replace the bad one...but I did want to share with you this darling little kettle that I picked up yesterday, and get this post up before nightfall!  So here she is...
Kettle VR
See told you - bad picture.  Ugh, sorry.  And I didn't even show you the handle - which is sooo dang cute too.  Double ugh!

I picked up this kettle not only for the color (matches OTM's color perfectly) but a little something I have up my sleeve!  I just found out about it yesterday, and I will be able to share more with you very soon.  Until then just picture all the lovely things that you could do with this kettle ;-)

Ooh did I tell you that I have seen all the pages of OTM's new website site and blog?  You bet your buttons I did and I have to say I am OVER THE MOON about them all!  They are heading to coding soon, and am looking forward to the day I can finally share with all of you ;-)

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ k

...bad photography by over the moon vintage rentals

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