{Repurposed: Window}

It's Wednesday my dears.  And I couldn't be more tickled about it...as my family arrives from Florida today ~ YIPPEE!!!!!! I haven't seen them in over 7 months, which is way too long for me ;-)  So if you are looking for me...I'm the one playing lots of hooky the next two weeks!  Oh, I will still be posting daily here...but I will be spending every second that I can squeeze in hugging and kissing and sniffing on my niece and nephew.  Hehe.

Okay, enough about me and on with this post.  Today's repurposed post is something I am sure lots (if not all) of you have seen before, however there is something a bit different about it.  Have a look~see at this window with guests seating assignment (escort area)...
Did you notice it?  Okay, take another look if you didn't, I'll wait ;-)
 .........................hint ~ look at where the lock latch is.................................... 

Yes, it's on it's side! If it wasn't on it's side it would be much shorter...so I do like how it's turned on it's side

I adore this window, as I have two just like it...yep with the little feet as I call them and all.  However, I think mine has bit more chippy paint, but still the same.  I also LOVE the fact that they didn't write names in all of the panes!  And I adore the simple wood piece holding it up.

All in all ~ a fabulous window display, no?

xoxo to the moon and back,

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty

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  1. Such a precious idea! I'm in the baby stages of starting my vintage rental business in Georgia and love to find vintage rental buddies. Your collection is gorgeous! XOXO


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