{Handcrafted: Fabric Covered Letters}

Hi loves!  Sorry I am running a bit behind this morning ;-)  I am working like crazy around here trying to get all of my Handcrafted items photographed, measured and ready to add to the new website once it is done.  In addition to vintage rentals, and because I love to craft so much, I figured I would add my handcrafted items to the new website in a Handcrafted section. 

I just opened an Etsy store this morning, why I am running behind, called OTM Handcrafted ~ it is a spot where you can place a custom order for any of my handcrafted items.  I am in the process of getting things together, and should have everything uploaded by Monday, August 22nd.  But here's a sneak peek at my fabric covered letters...
Cute, no? 

I can do ANY letters in ANY fabric ~ either that you choose, or I choose for you.  I am selling these by letter ~ so you can spell out anything you'd like.  The letters are covered with fabric pieces, it is NOT decoupaged on...you can actually feel the fabric.  All orders are custom and made once the order is placed.  But all the details will be on Etsy.  Eeks, can't wait to get everything up for you to see ;-)

xoxo to the moon and back,
~ k

...handcrafted & photographed by over the moon vintage rentals

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